Heavy Duty Safety Shoes

Stab Proof, Anti-Smash and Wear Resistant.

Soft and Comfortable, Breathability and Made from Light Material. 

I love these shoes. I work in a factory where I’m on my feet 8+ hours a day, I have tried many different steel toes. My feet were always in sever pain. Not with this shoes. The soul of this shoe is designed unlike anything I have ever tried. It is like walking on a cloud at not even 1/2 the cost of other shoes I have tried. Thank you so much for bringing relief to my aching feet.

Michael Corbet

Great shoes, managed to drop a hammer on my toes as an experiment and the toes survived. The size I got were a larger than expected fit; having contacted the seller, they have offered a reasonable solution so will be keeping them. They are well designed and look nice in grey. I like the fact the soles are made of quite thick, vulcanised rubber I think, which helps them to grip that much more effectively. I believe the shoes could have been a better fit and I think ordering a half size smaller may be a better option if unsure. They also arrived much earlier than the expected delivery date so that was a good bonus.

Marcus Demasi

In terms of fashion vs function, the scale is heavily tipped toward the function side for these shoes. I was more impressed at what they were able to "do" vs haw they looked. I got these for myself, but they are much too masculine for me, personally, so I will probably gift these to a male friend family member. The fit is okay, though, no complaints in terms of getting these on / off or walking around in them. They are very supportive all-around, which is something I will miss as it is often tricky to buy shoes that support flat feet that don't cost a fortune.

Daniel Fitzgerald